Overwatch Short – Rise and Shine

Blizzard does it again with another Overwatch short, this time for Mei. The near ten minute video, entitled “Rise and Shine”, tells the story of Mei’s tragic origin story. None of Blizzard’s Overwatch videos have disappointed at all, and this is certainly no exception. — more

Eclipse Perspective

NASA provided a cool new perspective on the eclipse today with this short clip. This is a clip taken aboard the NOAA Deep Space Climate Observatory and shows the shadow of the moon passing across North America. Most stuff you see if taken looking at the sun, so this neat view is refreshing. — more

Vega Won’t Hit 2 GHz

Aw, poor Vega cards. My old 1070 can push 2 GHz with just a factory overclock. With more power draw, you’d think these cards would have more potential to overclock. I guess due to a clock bug, it’s just not possible with existing drivers. — more

Iron Harvest Trailer

Fuck Battlefield 1. Give me beautiful World War 1 mechs in a sweet looking real-time strategy game any day. This game, Iron Harvest, looks awesome. I’ll be watching this one.

And Now, A Vega 56 Review

So the Vega 56 card is basically a more power hungry version of Nvidia’s 1070. It runs a bit worse in some games and a bit better in others. With the same MSRP, this makes sense I suppose. Promising card, but not interesting at all if you’ve already got a decent 1070 or better GPU. — more

Finally, Some Threadripper Benchmarks

The results are pretty much what I expected. AMD’s top of the line Threadripper 1950X, when compared to Intel’s 7900X, is about 15% slower in games but around 25% faster in thread-heavy tasks like rendering. Even the 1920X is a bit faster with rendering compared to Intel’s top of the line, and it’s $200 less to boot. — more

Google Employee Fired for Voicing Conerns


A man was fired from Google over a memo he wrote. This seems a bit strange, especially if you actually read the memo. It’s clear, concise, and factual. There’s no prejudice or stereotyping to be found anywhere in his writing. He calmly lists facts and figures that outline why he thinks the diversity program at Google is causing more harm than good. — more