Doki Doki Literature Club

I never really felt compelled to play Doki Doki Literature Club, a free cutesy game on Steam. On the surface it looks like your standard anime dating simulator, and that’s not my cup of tea. Last night it intrigued me with the strange warning on the game’s page, which reads “This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.”

For the first few hours of DDLC, the game feels like a regular ol’ dating sim. — more

Intel Discrete GPU?

Among other cool stuff like a new line of Pentium and Celeron CPUs, it seems Intel is working on it’s own discrete GPU solution. The current prototype is a low power example, but I’d assume the long term goal is some sort of competition to Nvidia and AMD. — more

Ultra Instinct Mastered

In this week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super, we see Vegeta make his final stand against the powerful Jiren. Even though I don’t believe we’ve seen Freiza knocked off just yet, this leaves Goku to take on Jiren alone. He does a pretty shitty job right up until he activates Ultra Instinct again, which is where the episode finishes. — more

Damn, Jiren

Jiren went and pulled a Saiyan power-up shouting stunt at the start of this week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super. We also learn a bit about his backstory which makes me empathize with him a bit. Welp, still gotta kick his ass somehow. — more

Venom Teaser

Talk about trailer/teaser city lately. The latest comic book clip we get is for the upcoming Venom movie, staring Tom Hardy as the titular bad guy. This particular teaser is good, but very secretive. Not one shot of Tom in the Venom suit, but we do get a good sense of the tone for this movie. — more

Deadpool 2, Trailer 2

The new Deadpool 2 trailer is very meta, as you’d expect. This installment of the R rated Marvel franchise seems to have a bit more action than the previous one, but it still has plenty of that great raunchy humor. “It’s not like we’re trying to remove a moustache” in particular made me choke on my coffee. — more

It’s a Tide Ad

I’m not one to watch the Super Bowl, cause fuck football, but these ads made the entire experience for me. David Harbour had me thinking that every Super Bowl ad really is a Tide ad. I even laughed out loud at some of them. — more