Ori and the Will of the Wisps

E3 2017 is in full swing so I watched most of the Microsoft E3 presentation this evening. There were a few neat titles but Ori and the Will of the Wisps was my favorite. The follow up to Ori and the Blind Forest was shown in a brief trailer and it looks just as stunning as the original game. It was shown during an Xbox event, but I’m sure it’ll hit Steam as well.

Aside from the overpriced Xbox One X (lol $500), the other standout item for me was Anthem. It looked really beautiful but it’s essentially like Bioware stole Destiny. I’m not bitching, it just seemed exactly like Destiny, right down to the loot.

The crowd for Microsoft seemed very unexcited for the whole thing tonight, just like last year. ¬†Oddly enough they clapped when Phil revealed the $499 price tag, though. Here’s hoping Sony’s presentation will go well tomorrow night at 9PM ET. You can watch all of E3 live here.

Author: jazix

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