Sony at E3 2017

That video is enough said, really. Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds sold me the moment I saw it. Horizon Zero Dawn is the first game I’ve ever completed 100% on my PSN account and I can’t wait for more. I needs to shoot me some more dinosaurs! It’ll be interesting to see if you keep all your gear since this is just DLC after all. We’ll see later this year.

Other than Horizon, Sony had two other titles that stood out to me during their presentation: God of War and Detroit Become Human. Both look interesting, especially Detroit with it’s open ended story paths. It’s just a fucking shame so much of their time was dedicated to VR crap. Do people really like spending loads of money to play mediocre games just because they’re in VR? Also, why the shit did Sony decide to end on that Spider-man game? It looks pretty and it’ll probably be a fun game, but fuck quick time events. They instantly killed any interest I had in the game.

Oh well, they still kicked the crap out of MS. Plus, they didn’t fucking say “EXCLUSIVE” before every goddamned game trailer. GG Sony.

Author: jazix

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