Easings are Cool


I had no idea this site existed, but I’m so glad I found it. It’s called the Easing Functions Cheat Sheet and it’s now part of my programming bookmarks. If you aren’t familiar, Javascript and the popular jQuery library use various easing curves when you animate things. Each curve changes how the animation plays out, whether it’s movement or fading something.

Easing Demo

Easings.net is a very simple place that not only shows you the code you can use to use all available easings, but it also shows you how they behave with a little red arrow. Just mouse over a curve and you’ll see the red arrow move from top to bottom using the curve next to it. It’s such a time saver to see how a curve behaves without using trial and error in your code.

Give this site a visit, especially if you work with Javascript and front-end development.

Author: jazix

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