FFXI Nostalgia – Kupo FFXI

FFXI - Jazix THF

Back in the day I played FFXI for years. I played from 2003 to 2006, making my way into the top linkshell on Shiva server where I was the top BLM damage dealer. I saw a post on Facebook today about Kupo FFXI, a private server that only has the┬áCoP and RoZ expansions active. It’s about as vanilla as you can get these days, and it’s even free to play.

Obviously I got it up and running as soon as I read about it. I’ve started a new THF, the first job I leveled when I started FFXI all those years ago. It’s got some quirks but it runs smooth for the most part. Give it a shot. Message me if you get in and we’ll kill some rabbits together.


Author: jazix

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