Diablo III – Season 11 Necromancer

Diablo III - Season 11 Necromancer

So season 11 is in full swing in Diablo III. I’ve been playing since it began and spend most of this past weekend working on my Necromancer. I mean, of course I rolled a Necromancer. I had a nice taste when the DLC was first released but I saved myself for a fresh season.

I decided to go with a pet build since that’s my bag. The set rewards for Necromancers this season just happens to be the Rathma’s set, so that works out in my favor. It’s only been five days playing off and on, but I have my little dude clearing greater rift 50 with very few issues. I’m still waiting on more upgrade items to drop too, so I could easily go higher without any problems.

Diablo III - Necromancer Build

My basic skill setup is to numlock Devour, keep things cursed, and spam mages for my main damage source. I throw in a command skeleton here and there as needed, but I really need a Jesseth’s set to make good use of that skill. That set and a Dayntee’s Binding are all I really need to be happy with my gear. Here’s my character link if you’re curious about specifics. Also, here’s a run of a GRift 55:

This week after work and into this weekend will undoubtedly be filled with more rift grinding for me. I’d like to get my Necromancer comfortable in T13 ┬ásince I’ve never been to that point before with any Diablo III character. I usually end a season with a character who’s comfy in T8 or maybe T10, but after that it gets dull. This time though, I’m very much enjoying my Necromancer. He’s a joy to play and I can’t wait for the end of my work days so I can kill more shit.

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