Google Employee Fired for Voicing Conerns


A man was fired from Google over a memo he wrote. This seems a bit strange, especially if you actually read the memo. It’s clear, concise, and factual. There’s no prejudice or stereotyping to be found anywhere in his writing. He calmly lists facts and figures that outline why he thinks the diversity program at Google is causing more harm than good. That’s no reason to fire the guy, jeeze.

Now I’m all for being able to voice your opinion, but maybe the guy should have brought these concerns up to his boss instead of sending out a company-wide memo. It’s unfortunate and unfair, but we don’t live in a world where many people argue rationally; we live in a world where you get yelled at for having a different opinion. When you say something that challenges the ideas of feminists or SJWs, especially at a far-left company like Google, you’re going to trigger at least one…

…and one is all it takes to start a shitstorm.

Full memo with citations (since Gizmodo stripped them all)

Author: jazix

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