Irma Was Pretty Bad

Here’s a little video I took of Irma when she was at her strongest over my apartment community. The sustained winds were enough to shake shingles free from all the building roofs and the gusts turned them into missiles, as you can see a car getting smacked around 50 seconds in. It was a scary few hours but thankfully the buildings held up.

Cars are another story. Every single car in my community was damaged to some degree, mine included. I came out on Monday morning to a collection of around 30 shingles that had smacked into poor Grell. I just got back from a Geico inspection where they estimated $4500 worth of damage. Me along with 6 others waiting in line this morning all had similar damage to our cars.

Thankfully, I didn’t lose power or internet and thankfully the apartment buildings are mostly intact. I didn’t lose my home and possessions like so many others in south Florida. Keep those folks in your thoughts and donate a little if you can.

Author: jazix

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