Shopping for a New NAS

I desperately need a new NAS. My existing two-bay Synology DS211j is ancient, slow, and running out of space. The old relic from 2011 still gets decent transfer speeds (60-80 MB/s write) thanks to RAID 0, but the primary concern here is free space. Out of my usable 7.45 TB, I have only 900 GB left. That’s dangerously close to running out, so it’s time to start shopping.

The sprightly little DS211j was my very first NAS. It started out life with a pair of 2 GB Western Digital Green drives, giving me a whopping 3.7 TB of usable space. Back in 2011 that was quite a bit, mind you. Over the years it filled up right around the time the pair of drives started developing bad sectors. After swapping the aging 2 GB pair for a new 4 GB pair of the same make, everything was working great again. That is, after many many hours of moving files over from my backups.

Since I rather like Synology and their whole feature set, I think I’ll stick with them. Thankfully a beefy new Synology NAS isn’t too pricy, as just over $1,100 can get you this DS916+ and four of these 6 TB Seagate drives. Yeah I know, they’re external drives, but the funny thing is, external drives are around 30% cheaper than their internal counterparts. As long as you don’t mind cracking open some plastic shells (it’s easy, I’ve done it), it’s worth saving the cash.

With the new NAS all setup, I’d be sitting on 16.76 TB of usable space and enough power to push 200+ MB/s transfer speeds with single disk redundancy. You can even upgrade the 2 GB of DDR3 the unit comes with if you don’t mind opening the unit up.  That along with he 2.5x speed increase and 2.3x capacity increase is enough to get my gadget lust going. Just gotta find $1100.

And if only the data transfer between both the new and old units wouldn’t take upwards of 20 hours..

Author: jazix

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