GT Sport Scapes

So despite my issues with PSN’s horrid broken system, I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with GT Sport’s new Scapes mode. For those of you who don’t know, Scapes is basically a jacked up photo mode where you can drop any car you have into many different locations and take pictures. You have camera adjustments, filters, and even motion tracking stuff you can play with to get a cool looking shot. The attempt above is really nice looking, but this next one is my masterpiece:

That shot requires a bit of trickery and a free 9.3 GB DLC you can get that includes a bunch of new locations. That’s quite a sizable amount of storage space, but it just goes to show how much detail went into Scapes. It’s like GT6’s photo mode on steroids.

There is room for improvement though. The car in the second picture looks kind of weird, like multiple versions of it were rendered on top of each other. This makes blurry shots look jagged instead of smooth. You can also see this effect, albeit much more subtly, around the tail lights in the first picture.

Oh, the actual racing in GT Sport is awesome too. Well I mean, when the online races don’t devolve into bumper car matches..

Author: jazix

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