Monster Hunter World Impressions

The last time I played a Monster Hunter game was way back when the Wii had one. It was fun, but I found the controls shitty and the combat frustrating. I did end up sinking a good 20-30 hours into it, but in Monster Hunter standards, that’s drops in a bucket.

Fast forward to yesterday when I tried out the new game, Monster Hunter World, on my PS4. I started it up around 2:30 PM, did the intro stuff, crafted some gear, and eventually went on hunts to farm outside the main story. I got a decent weapon, upgraded the Canteen and botany place, and before I knew it my watch read 1:30 AM.

Yeah, Monster Hunter World is a good fuckin’ game. Got me some fire resist gear now, so tonight the¬†Anjanath dies.

Author: jazix

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