Monster Hunter World – Timesink

Most of my free time lately, barring that playthrough of Doki Doki Literature Club, has been taken up by Monster Hunter World. I’m just about 63 hours in and still having a blast. It’s still satisfying to log on and go farming monsters, even after so many hours. Last night I got my second Nergigante tail. That stupid bitch took 8 kills to drop the second one, but I was able to make my Nergal Impaler so it was worth it.

Tonight it’s time to farm two more tails for the Nergigante gloves. With those I’ll have the three piece set bonus that gives you health on hit. Thankfully with an additional 90 attack power from my new pokin’ stick, the farming should go much more quickly. WTB end-of-workday.

Author: jazix

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