Dragon Ball Super – Buff Jiren Edition

This week in Dragon Ball Super Goku’s got white hair, Jiren gets all super buff, and then they both fight a whole bunch. Episode 130 is the second to last episode of this arc if I’m not mistaken, and it doesn’t disappoint too much. Some animations are reused too much and the fighting doesn’t feel as impactful as the last episode, but it did put a big smile on my face quite a few times. This episode was so anticipated that there are reports floating around that it was bringing streaming sites down on the night it came out. I know at least Crunchyroll was down for me when I tried watching.

Next week’s episode is going to wrap up the universe survival arc. The preview at the end of 130 pretty much clinched this with shots of the two Zenos doing some glowy power stuff. What’s this mean? Will Universe 11 will win and wish back all the others? Maybe they’ll lose but Zeno won’t care and bring everyone back so they can fight more later? I guess we’ll see in a few days!

Author: jazix

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