Timeline for Nvidia’s Volta Cards

Steve from Gamersnexus stopped by the Hynix booth at GTC 2018 today and saw their GDDR6 stuff. He discovered the timeline for mass production of this new memory is set for June or July of this year. Given that Nvidia’s Volta line of gaming video cards is set to use this type of memory, we can assume that their launch will be somewhat in line with this.

Another bit of new information is that the cost of GDDR6 will be about 20% higher than GDDR5.  It’s safe to assume this cost will be reflected in a higher MSRP for Nvidia’s new line of cards.

Three to four months isn’t too bad, but I’d love to see Steve get a sweet media sample reference card to review sooner. Hopefully my GTX 1070 isn’t stomped too badly by Volta.


Author: jazix

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