Lian Li O11 Dynamic / Air

I’ve got a soft spot for Lian Li cases. my very first good quality PC build was done in an older Lian Li case, the PC-61, that I’m still rocking it today. It may only support 80 mm fans and it might be kind of crap for airflow, but it does the job and looks great in the process. If anything, a case lasting this long and still supporting modern components is a testament to the build quality.

Lately though, Lian Li cases have been a bit shit looking and a bit too expensive. There aren’t a whole lot of cases on their website that I’d consider buying at all, money or not. Their two new offerings in the O11 line seem promising. They’re good looking, relatively inexpensive, and very well put together. They’re also pretty cheap compared to most Lian Li mid-tower offerings, clocking in at ~$130 for the Dynamic and ~$150 for the Air.

Here GamersNexus reviews the Dynamic version of the O11: a case meant for water cooling but does surprisingly well with just air. The Air version of the case is set for release later on this year for a bit more money, but it still looks just as sexy as the Dynamic. I’m definitely tempted by this new direction from Lian Li, and can’t wait for GamersNexus to get their hands on the Air version to see how well it performs.

Lian Li

Author: jazix

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