GMG’s Radical Leftist Ideas

Thanks for putting a big load of cringy bullshit in my Twitter feed this morning, Green Man Gaming. The so named video game vendor decided to write an article about the addition of gender neutral pronouns in the new Battletech game and how some fans of the series don’t like it. That’s interesting! I had no idea they were shoving social politics into the Battletech universe! Except the actual article is not interesting.  It’s used as a springboard to push GMG’s far left ideology.

This Reddit thread, which is used as the main source for the article, isn’t that bad. I read about half of it and yeah, there are your typical internet trolls, but the vast majority of people saying they don’t like this new addition are doing so without being assholes. The quote GMG picked to put directly in their article is: “I don’t like modern day politics being forced into an established lore. I am voting with my wallet on this”. They called this guy an alt-right Gamergate supporter! Over a quote like that!

Sorry but that’s the line for me, GMG. I’ll take my business elsewhere from now on.

Author: jazix

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