Rage 2 Gameplay

Now the Rage 2 teaser that was released yesterday sucked pretty bad. It made me cringe so hard I had to get up and leave the office for a moment. Unfortunately today’s gameplay reveal isn’t much better. It seems like Rage 2 is trying to be Borderlands now, only they crossed that line that you aren’t supposed to cross. You know, the one where wacky and goofy turn into embarrassing and cringy? Yeah, that line is so far away I can’t even see it in this video.

Maybe it’ll be good though! Maybe it won’t be as cringy at launch like the videos suggest. Maybe¬† it won’t be a sub-par rip off of Borderlands like it’s obviously trying to look like. Maybe it’ll actually run well on good hardware. Who knows!

Crazier things have happened…

Author: jazix

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