Destiny 2 – Forsaken

Is it too late for Destiny 2? Is a return to form too far out of reach? With yesterday’s announcement of the new DLC, titled Forsaken, along with a new annual pass scheme, it looks like the game could actually be saved. I mean, if this magical new content wasn’t so goddamned expensive..

With Destiny 2 fans in such an uproar about the game’s poor quality, charging 40$ for the Forsaken DLC and another 30$ for this new annual pass is a bad idea. So far this year the Destiny 2 dev team has royally screwed up Curse of Osiris, horribly dropped the ball with loot box heavy events, and fell completely flat with Warmind just a few weeks ago. But hey, Bungie has plenty of player trust left to ask for more money right? Right guys?

With player trust and active player counts at all time franchise lows, this next DLC needed to be handled carefully. No arrogance, no heavy handed claims that obviously aren’t true, just a good reveal with a fair pricing structure and a sharp focus on what the players want. Instead we get what amounts a kid who’s done a really shitty job mowing someone’s lawn, only to expect more money to do the hedges afterwards.

Now don’t get me wrong, Forsaken looks good. It really does look like it could turn the game around and bring some much needed player investment to the experience. However, there’s no fucking way I’m paying another 70$ for what should have been in the vanilla game. Destiny 2 players feel cheated, and asking them for more money isn’t the right move here.

Oh well, I guess we can wait a month after Forsaken’s release for a discount. You know, once everyone realizes that it’s just as shallow as the other DLC.

Author: jazix

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