Nvidia RTX

Nvidia RTX

Looks like Nvidia has a new line of gamingĀ video cards coming out soon, named the Nvidia RTX line. Actually, some as early as September 20th of this year. The draw this time? Real-time ray tracing. All the demos look very impressive, but is it really worth the steep asking price for this first attempt at this new technology? — more

Steam Summer Sale 2018

Steam’s 2018 summer sale event, called The Intergalactic Summer Sale, has begun! Log onto Steam now and along with the plethora of game sales, you’ll be able to play a little game called Summer Saliens. Playing the game will earn you summer event cards as well as entries into game giveaways. — more

Fallout 76

Thanks for putting together the Fallout part of Bethesda’s E3 presentation, Gamespot. Needless to say, Fallout 76 is the next Fallout game in the series. It looks very much like Fallout 4, but it’s multiplayer! Complete with dedicated servers and an overhauled graphics engine! — more

Rage 2 Gameplay

Now the Rage 2 teaser that was released yesterday sucked pretty bad. It made me cringe so hard I had to get up and leave the office for a moment. Unfortunately today’s gameplay reveal isn’t much better. It seems like Rage 2 is trying to be Borderlands now, only they crossed that line that you aren’t supposed to cross. — more

Destiny 2 – Warmind Review

Destiny 2’s second DLC, Warmind, came out today. I had a chance to play the entirety of the campaign and attempt the new horde mode public event, all in under two hours. Two hours..

To say that I’m disappointed with Warmind would be an understatement. — more

Destiny 2 – Warmind

Destiny 2’s newest DLC is out tomorrow and um, I guess I’m a bit excited? New content is certainly welcome for this tired bare feeling game, but what we can see here looks pretty lame. A few new weapons, a couple new enemies, a new location, and a new public event. — more