A Grill Without A Burger

Dragon Ball Z Abridged episode 59 is up and damn it’s good. I watched it last night on their live stream and even stuck around for the encore. These guys don’t disappoint with this series, not one bit. Watch it  over and over. — more

Steam Summer Sale 2017

Well kids, the Steam Summer Sale for 2017 has begun. It lasts until July 5th and has your standard fare of cheap games that change daily. They’ve also added a sticker book thing you can get by collecting the new Summer Sale stickers for the sticker book. — more

7900X Benchmarks vs 1800X

Gamers Nexus got their hands on a 7900X to test, pitting it against AMD’s top of the line 1800X. Turns out it’s leagues better. Dual streaming is unplayable on the 1800X and the 7900X just shrugs it off. The 7900X is much more expensive so you’d expect this, but I’d be curious to see how well the rest of Intel’s X line does in this same testing round-up. — more

FFXI Nostalgia – Kupo FFXI

FFXI - Jazix THF

Back in the day I played FFXI for years. I played from 2003 to 2006, making my way into the top linkshell on Shiva server where I was the top BLM damage dealer. I saw a post on Facebook today about Kupo FFXI, a private server that only has the CoP and RoZ expansions active. — more

Nintendo’s E3 2017 Presentation

Meh, Nintendo didn’t announce any sort of cloud save or cloud backup feature for the Switch at their E3 presentation today. That’s the only damn thing holding the platform back in my opinion. I won’t even touch the Switch if there’s a risk all my data will be lost if the hardware dies. — more