Volta Benchmark Numbers

It seems Volta is worth getting excited about. With gains ranging from 15-25% over the Pascal Titan Xp card, this new architecture is looking to be a nice leap over Nvidia’s current lineup.  A smaller manufacturing process means more cores, and the move from GDDR5X to HBM2 improves the memory bandwidth significantly. — more

Battle Angel

This live action adaptation of the old anime Battle Angel looks surprisingly good. Even with Alita’s weird huge eyes, I find myself excited for this one. I mean, she does look like the anime:

Hopefully they don’t Ghost in the Shell-ify this one.. — more


Oh dear. So in some Q&A with Toriyama, he revealed that Super Saiyans transform thanks to S-Cells in their body. Seriously. Here’s the translated exchange:

I mean, I get it, but whyyyyyyy…