Rage 2 Gameplay

Now the Rage 2 teaser that was released yesterday sucked pretty bad. It made me cringe so hard I had to get up and leave the office for a moment. Unfortunately today’s gameplay reveal isn’t much better. It seems like Rage 2 is trying to be Borderlands now, only they crossed that line that you aren’t supposed to cross. — more

Destiny 2 – Warmind Review

Destiny 2’s second DLC, Warmind, came out today. I had a chance to play the entirety of the campaign and attempt the new horde mode public event, all in under two hours. Two hours..

To say that I’m disappointed with Warmind would be an understatement. — more

Destiny 2 – Warmind

Destiny 2’s newest DLC is out tomorrow and um, I guess I’m a bit excited? New content is certainly welcome for this tired bare feeling game, but what we can see here looks pretty lame. A few new weapons, a couple new enemies, a new location, and a new public event. — more


If you haven’t heard already, Frostpunk is a new PC game from 11 bit studios and it’s very good. It’s all over gaming media lately but I just got around to playing it this past weekend. Already it’s kept me up past 2 AM on two occasions so far and if you like city builders like Banished, you need to try it out. — more

GMG’s Radical Leftist Ideas

Thanks for putting a big load of cringy bullshit in my Twitter feed this morning, Green Man Gaming. The so named video game vendor decided to write an article about the addition of gender neutral pronouns in the new Battletech game and how some fans of the series don’t like it. — more

Venom Official Trailer

We finally get a good look at Tom Hardy’s Venom in today’s brand new trailer. Some parts looks  little weird, particularly the suit’s face, but the rest is very good. I mean shit, anything’s better than the abomination that is the Sam Raimi Venom in Spider-Man 3. — more

Ryzen 2000 Review Roundup

Ryzen’s refreshed lineup of CPUs was released yesterday morning to a slew of reviews. The consensus seems to be: they’re slightly better performing and slightly more efficient, but they use more power and get hotter than their 1000 siblings. — more

Lian Li O11 Dynamic / Air

I’ve got a soft spot for Lian Li cases. my very first good quality PC build was done in an older Lian Li case, the PC-61, that I’m still rocking it today. It may only support 80 mm fans and it might be kind of crap for airflow, but it does the job and looks great in the process. — more