Doki Doki Literature Club

I never really felt compelled to play Doki Doki Literature Club, a free cutesy game on Steam. On the surface it looks like your standard anime dating simulator, and that’s not my cup of tea. Last night it intrigued me with the strange warning on the game’s page, which reads “This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.”

For the first few hours of DDLC, the game feels like a regular ol’ dating sim. — more

Ultra Instinct Mastered

In this week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super, we see Vegeta make his final stand against the powerful Jiren. Even though I don’t believe we’ve seen Freiza knocked off just yet, this leaves Goku to take on Jiren alone. He does a pretty shitty job right up until he activates Ultra Instinct again, which is where the episode finishes. — more

Damn, Jiren

Jiren went and pulled a Saiyan power-up shouting stunt at the start of this week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super. We also learn a bit about his backstory which makes me empathize with him a bit. Welp, still gotta kick his ass somehow. — more

Dragon Ball Super 123

Finally. In this week’s Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta gets his own limit-breaking power. We don’t have a name for it but the color is some sort of neon blue, much deeper in color than Blue’s normal teal color. Fuck yeah. Go Vegeta! — more

Dragon Ball Super 122

So after a week off for the holidays, Dragon Ball Super 122 has come out and goddamn it’s good. The high quality animation in this week’s episode really helps punctuate the three different fights. Jiren vs Vegeta and Goku, Dyspo vs Freiza, and Toppo vs Gohan and 17 all have some great action in this episode. — more

Dragon Ball Super 121 – Teamwork Edition

Dragon Ball Super 121 was pretty good, but honestly it’s just filler for 122. We did get to see some unprecedented teamwork though, so that’s nice. The real shit starts next week when Universe 11 goes up against Universe 7. Supposedly Vegeta actually does OK against Jiren? — more

Battle Angel

This live action adaptation of the old anime Battle Angel looks surprisingly good. Even with Alita’s weird huge eyes, I find myself excited for this one. I mean, she does look like the anime:

Hopefully they don’t Ghost in the Shell-ify this one.. — more


Oh dear. So in some Q&A with Toriyama, he revealed that Super Saiyans transform thanks to S-Cells in their body. Seriously. Here’s the translated exchange:

I mean, I get it, but whyyyyyyy…