Dragon Ball Super 121 – Teamwork Edition

Dragon Ball Super 121 was pretty good, but honestly it’s just filler for 122. We did get to see some unprecedented teamwork though, so that’s nice. The real shit starts next week when Universe 11 goes up against Universe 7. Supposedly Vegeta actually does OK against Jiren? — more

Battle Angel

This live action adaptation of the old anime Battle Angel looks surprisingly good. Even with Alita’s weird huge eyes, I find myself excited for this one. I mean, she does look like the anime:

Hopefully they don’t Ghost in the Shell-ify this one.. — more


Oh dear. So in some Q&A with Toriyama, he revealed that Super Saiyans transform thanks to S-Cells in their body. Seriously. Here’s the translated exchange:

I mean, I get it, but whyyyyyyy…


Bulma’s Voice Actress Dies at 57

Bulma’s Japanese voice actress Hiromi Tsuru died late yesterday. Apparently it was due to health concerns, as she was found unconscious in her vehicle with her seat belt fastened. It’s a sad day. Let’s all watch tons of Dragon Ball to celebrate her awesome career. — more

Dragon Ball Super – Kefla

In this week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super, Caulifla and Kale fight Goku some more. It seems like Goku is too much for them so they end up using some borrowed Kai earrings to fuse into Kefla. The entire episode is essentially Saiyans fighting and it’s marvelous to watch. — more

Blade Runner Black Out 2022

Rainy City
The new Blade Runner anime from Shinichiro Watanabe, Blade Runner Black Out 2022, is out. Rather, it’s been out for a couple days and I totally missed it like a dumbass. I just watched it and I’m thoroughly impressed. The art direction, animation, visuals, and sound are all top notch. — more