Overwatch Short – Rise and Shine

Blizzard does it again with another Overwatch short, this time for Mei. The near ten minute video, entitled “Rise and Shine”, tells the story of Mei’s tragic origin story. None of Blizzard’s Overwatch videos have disappointed at all, and this is certainly no exception. — more

Vega Won’t Hit 2 GHz

Aw, poor Vega cards. My old 1070 can push 2 GHz with just a factory overclock. With more power draw, you’d think these cards would have more potential to overclock. I guess due to a clock bug, it’s just not possible with existing drivers. — more

Iron Harvest Trailer

Fuck Battlefield 1. Give me beautiful World War 1 mechs in a sweet looking real-time strategy game any day. This game, Iron Harvest, looks awesome. I’ll be watching this one.

RX Vega Announced

So I guess AMD is finally ready to bring their new RX Vega cards to market. They’ve announced two cards: the RX Vega¬†56 and the RX Vega¬†64, going for $400 and $500 respectively. They’re also selling the two cards in bundles with monitor, CPU, and motherboard discounts for $100 more. — more

Diablo III – Season 11 Necromancer

Diablo III - Season 11 Necromancer

So season 11 is in full swing in Diablo III. I’ve been playing since it began and spend most of this past weekend working on my Necromancer. I mean, of course I rolled a Necromancer. I had a nice taste when the DLC was first released but I saved myself for a fresh season. — more