FFXIV Wins April Fool’s

It starts funny, and gets funnier. That’s the key to a goofy semi-realistic gag for April Fool’s Day. The folks at SE knocked it out of the park with this goof: an AR gathering app where you use your phone as tools like axes, fishing rods, and hammers. — more

Irma Was Pretty Bad

Here’s a little video I took of Irma when she was at her strongest over my apartment community. The sustained winds were enough to shake shingles free from all the building roofs and the gusts turned them into missiles, as you can see a car getting smacked around 50 seconds in. — more

Google Employee Fired for Voicing Conerns


A man was fired from Google over a memo he wrote. This seems a bit strange, especially if you actually read the memo. It’s clear, concise, and factual. There’s no prejudice or stereotyping to be found anywhere in his writing. He calmly lists facts and figures that outline why he thinks the diversity program at Google is causing more harm than good. — more