Ryzen 2000 Review Roundup

Ryzen’s refreshed lineup of CPUs was released yesterday morning to a slew of reviews. The consensus seems to be: they’re slightly better performing and slightly more efficient, but they use more power and get hotter than their 1000 siblings. — more

Lian Li O11 Dynamic / Air

I’ve got a soft spot for Lian Li cases. my very first good quality PC build was done in an older Lian Li case, the PC-61, that I’m still rocking it today. It may only support 80 mm fans and it might be kind of crap for airflow, but it does the job and looks great in the process. — more

Hades Canyon

So it turns out Intel’s new NUC units, dubbed Hades Canyon, is just a smidge better than a comparable desktop running a GTX 1050 Ti. Not bad for a tiny little box you can mount on a VESA plate. I wouldn’t spend 999$ plus an SSD and RAM for this just to game on, but if you want a super powerful HTPC that can chew through HEVC 4k video, this is your beast. — more

Timeline for Nvidia’s Volta Cards

Steve from Gamersnexus stopped by the Hynix booth at GTC 2018 today and saw their GDDR6 stuff. He discovered the timeline for mass production of this new memory is set for June or July of this year. Given that Nvidia’s Volta line of gaming video cards is set to use this type of memory, we can assume that their launch will be somewhat in line with this. — more

Intel Discrete GPU?

Among other cool stuff like a new line of Pentium and Celeron CPUs, it seems Intel is working on it’s own discrete GPU solution. The current prototype is a low power example, but I’d assume the long term goal is some sort of competition to Nvidia and AMD. — more