Intel Discrete GPU?

Among other cool stuff like a new line of Pentium and Celeron CPUs, it seems Intel is working on it’s own discrete GPU solution. The current prototype is a low power example, but I’d assume the long term goal is some sort of competition to Nvidia and AMD. — more

iPhones Intentionally Throttled

So it appears Apple has intentionally throttled older iPhones in iOS 11. I use an iPhone 6S as my daily phone and definitely noticed some stuttering and lag when I upgraded to iOS 11, but I chalked it up to a new OS being a bit more demanding. — more

Volta Benchmark Numbers

It seems Volta is worth getting excited about. With gains ranging from 15-25% over the Pascal Titan Xp card, this new architecture is looking to be a nice leap over Nvidia’s current lineup.  A smaller manufacturing process means more cores, and the move from GDDR5X to HBM2 improves the memory bandwidth significantly. — more

GTX 1070 Ti – It’s Good!

The new GTX 1070 Ti card essentially makes the GTX 1080 useless. It’s slightly cheaper and easy to overclock to just about meet 1080 performance. Although, if you can find a 1080 for cheaper then that’s a better buy. It’s weird. — more