Vega Won’t Hit 2 GHz

Aw, poor Vega cards. My old 1070 can push 2 GHz with just a factory overclock. With more power draw, you’d think these cards would have more potential to overclock. I guess due to a clock bug, it’s just not possible with existing drivers. — more

And Now, A Vega 56 Review

So the Vega 56 card is basically a more power hungry version of Nvidia’s 1070. It runs a bit worse in some games and a bit better in others. With the same MSRP, this makes sense I suppose. Promising card, but not interesting at all if you’ve already got a decent 1070 or better GPU. — more

Finally, Some Threadripper Benchmarks

The results are pretty much what I expected. AMD’s top of the line Threadripper 1950X, when compared to Intel’s 7900X, is about 15% slower in games but around 25% faster in thread-heavy tasks like rendering. Even the 1920X is a bit faster with rendering compared to Intel’s top of the line, and it’s $200 less to boot. — more

RX Vega Announced

So I guess AMD is finally ready to bring their new RX Vega cards to market. They’ve announced two cards: the RX Vega¬†56 and the RX Vega¬†64, going for $400 and $500 respectively. They’re also selling the two cards in bundles with monitor, CPU, and motherboard discounts for $100 more. — more

Vega FE Game Mode

Nice, AMD. A little “Game Mode” button in your already crappy driver suite that does nothing. I have nothing but doubts about Vega and so far, it seems like they’re justified. We’ll see how the upcoming RX line’s price/performance works out..

Vega FE Benchmarks

Turns out it’s around 10-12% slower than a 1080 reference card. For the price, that’s insane. We can only hope the RX line of Vega cards actually does good with gaming, as this is quite the poor showing. This card is very confusing for it’s $999 price point, as you’d be much better off with a Titan Xp. — more

7900X Benchmarks vs 1800X

Gamers Nexus got their hands on a 7900X to test, pitting it against AMD’s top of the line 1800X. Turns out it’s leagues better. Dual streaming is unplayable on the 1800X and the 7900X just shrugs it off. The 7900X is much more expensive so you’d expect this, but I’d be curious to see how well the rest of Intel’s X line does in this same testing round-up. — more