Google Employee Fired for Voicing Conerns


A man was fired from Google over a memo he wrote. This seems a bit strange, especially if you actually read the memo. It’s clear, concise, and factual. There’s no prejudice or stereotyping to be found anywhere in his writing. He calmly lists facts and figures that outline why he thinks the diversity program at Google is causing more harm than good. — more

RX Vega Announced

So I guess AMD is finally ready to bring their new RX Vega cards to market. They’ve announced two cards: the RX Vega 56 and the RX Vega 64, going for $400 and $500 respectively. They’re also selling the two cards in bundles with monitor, CPU, and motherboard discounts for $100 more. — more

Diablo III – Season 11 Necromancer

Diablo III - Season 11 Necromancer

So season 11 is in full swing in Diablo III. I’ve been playing since it began and spend most of this past weekend working on my Necromancer. I mean, of course I rolled a Necromancer. I had a nice taste when the DLC was first released but I saved myself for a fresh season. — more