DDR4 Prices

According to Gamers Nexus, DDR4 is going to keep going up in price. It’s gone up significantly over the last year or so, but it’s set to increase another ~12% through 2017. This is due to Samsung and Micron, two of the three major DRAM suppliers, spending time and money on research into 17 and 18nm production processes. — more

17 Joins the Team

Dragon Ball Super - 17 and Goku

So Android 17 joined the Tournament of Power team for Universe 7 in today’s episode of Dragon Ball Super. It took a couple episodes, this latest one being sort of mundane, but he’s on board. 17 was able to trade blows with SSJ Blue Goku in the previous episode so here’s hoping he puts on a good show for the tournament. — more

Iron-Blooded Orphans

Iron-Blooded Orhpans - Barbatos

Sometimes I don’t feel like playing any video games. Sometimes I just want to sit down and watch some giant robots kick the shit out of each other. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Oprhans is a mouthful of a title but it’s been able to fill this need of mine with ease. — more

Some Wubz

I heard this in my car on my way to work and ended up repeating it right until I pulled into the parking lot. I love it when a song does that. Maybe a little wubz will help your Thursday morning too. — more