Monster Hunter World – Mega Man

The Mega Man event for Monster Hunter World is live and I’ve farmed up the cute little armor set for my Palico. I grabbed the weapon too, but I much prefer the little flower paralysis weapon. The armor look is awesome though, so Julia will be sporting this for a while now. — more

Hades Canyon

So it turns out Intel’s new NUC units, dubbed Hades Canyon, is just a smidge better than a comparable desktop running a GTX 1050 Ti. Not bad for a tiny little box you can mount on a VESA plate. I wouldn’t spend 999$ plus an SSD and RAM for this just to game on, but if you want a super powerful HTPC that can chew through HEVC 4k video, this is your beast. — more

Radical Heights

With the epic failure of Lawbreakers, Cliffy B set a new bar for marketing hype vs an actual game. Turns out he’s not content sitting on just that pile of failure, so here’s a trailer for his next game! Radical Heights is billed as a battle royale shooter (as if we don’t have enough of those already) with an 80’s dude-bro theme. — more

FFXIV Wins April Fool’s

It starts funny, and gets funnier. That’s the key to a goofy semi-realistic gag for April Fool’s Day. The folks at SE knocked it out of the park with this goof: an AR gathering app where you use your phone as tools like axes, fishing rods, and hammers. — more

Timeline for Nvidia’s Volta Cards

Steve from Gamersnexus stopped by the Hynix booth at GTC 2018 today and saw their GDDR6 stuff. He discovered the timeline for mass production of this new memory is set for June or July of this year. Given that Nvidia’s Volta line of gaming video cards is set to use this type of memory, we can assume that their launch will be somewhat in line with this. — more

Dragon Ball Super Finale

The final episode of Dragon Ball Super aired last night and boy was it a good one. We finally see Android 17 and Frieza try to hold off a weakened Jiren, and Goku even joins the mix before long. Despite his crazy injuries from the last episode, he gets right up and fights alongside Frieza towards the end. — more

Deadpool 2 – The Trailer

In the new official trailer for Deadpool 2, we get a nice look at X-Force and loads more dialog from most of the characters. Plus there’s some Colossus booty grabbing and a Professor X wheelchair goof. It looks like the follow-up to the awesome original Deadpool movie isn’t going to disappoint. — more