Heroes of Incredible Tales

Heroes of Incredible Tales - Title

Heroes of Incredible Tales (better known as HIT) has a silly name but it’s a very fun free-to-play mobile game. A fun and free-to-play mobile game? It sounds odd but despite the normal shit like popup ads and an extensive cash shop, it’s quite friendly to players who don’t want to spend real money. — more

Friday Music

It’s friday, chums. Time to celebrate the last working day of the week with some DnB. Just eight or so more hours until I can go back to playing Dawn of War III (it’s damn good, by the way).

Displate Gaming Posters

Displate Logo

If you haven’t heard of Displate before, you should take a look. It’s a site that sells fully metal posters that hang on your walls using sticky magnet squares. Today they’re offering 30% off for some reason, using code HAPPY30. The email I received was targeted at gamers specifically with a great little Blood Dragon themed image.  — more

The Dweller

The Dweller

I received a little game called The Dweller the other day from Bundle Stars. It’s included in one of the site’s $1 bundles with 25 other games. I sifted through the various titles in the long list of Steam keys to redeem and this one looked promising. — more

Webroot Poop

Webroot Poop

So Webroot goofed, pushing out a virus definition update that marks loads of safe and potentially system critical files as W32.Trojan.Gen trojans. This started sometime yesterday afternoon and loads of people are understandably pissed off. My workplace uses Webroot so I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing this chaos first-hand. — more

DDR4 Prices

According to Gamers Nexus, DDR4 is going to keep going up in price. It’s gone up significantly over the last year or so, but it’s set to increase another ~12% through 2017. This is due to Samsung and Micron, two of the three major DRAM suppliers, spending time and money on research into 17 and 18nm production processes. — more