American Gods – Episode 2

American Gods Episode 2 - Lightning

I watched the first episode of American Gods last week and it was so good I ended up picking up the book. In anticipation of the second episode I read about a quarter of it. I know it’s sort of like spoiling the show for myself, but I love the anticipation of seeing something on a written page brought to life on my screen. — more

Dawn of War III – Imperial Knight Solaria

Dawn of War III - Imperial Knight Solaria

Finishing up Dawn of War III and I must say, Imperial Knight Solaria’s introduction to the battlefield is so damn good. She sort of plops down from high orbit, smashing into the ground with a sizable thud. I think she’s my second favorite elite to play with, next to Wraithknight Taldeer. — more

Chevy – Real People, Not Actors

I saw an article on Jalopnik about these shitty Real People, Not Actors commercials that Chevy has been peddling. The article says there aren’t any plans to stop these horrible things any time soon, hooray. Thankfully there are plenty of spoofs out there that make them a bit more realistic.  — more

Rip and Tear

Rip and tear. Rip and tear, until it is done.

I had an urge to listen to this on my way into work this morning. It makes me want to go back and play through Doom again.

So fucking good. — more

Dawn of War III – Overview

Dawn of War III - Duel

Dawn of War III is a damn good game. Relic has created something that does the Warhammer 40k universe justice in both look and feel. It’s one of those games that scratches an itch I get sometimes for a nice Space Marines vs Eldar battle (Orks are in there too, don’t worry).   — more